Thursday, July 31, 2003


An interesting and amusing, if twisted, look at the dead Husseins debate.
Maybe Iraqi culture needed tuned up worse than an '86 Chevy Caprice Classic with blown gaskets, but when it comes to demanding proof positive, they're ahead of the curve - no matter how graphic and disturbing it is to sensitive American eyes.

As odd as it may seem, let's be culturally sensitive enough to realize these people have been violated for years. They've seen things most of us have only seen in "Faces of Death: Vol. 1-27." A couple dead guys on prime time can't hurt now. They need proof so give it to them.

When in Rome, eat spaghetti. When in Kabul, play goatball. When in Baghdad, drag Husseins through the streets. Let's face it, as Americans, we aren't that far removed from this kind of behavior. We aren't more than 110 years away from public hangings, posses and, oh yeah, genocide, so let's not be too shocked.

And any American knows deep down that a guy on the lam caught with $400,000 U.S., a bottle of Viagra and condoms deserves whatever he gets - cocky jerk.

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