Tuesday, July 29, 2003


An open letter to Saddam by Art Buchwald.
I know you are not happy that the U.S. Army preferred to have your sons dead, rather than alive. You have every right to be unhappy. There were hundreds of soldiers outside their house and not one read them their rights.

Saddam, I know you are having a tough summer. But as time goes on the pain will heal.

You must be getting thousands of sympathy cards and e-mails. You may not even read this one. But I had to write it.

I know that when someone dies, he will be greeted by 17 virgins. Despite the number of virgins the Hussein boys deflowered on Earth, I am sure the two will demand their share when Allah meets them in Heaven.

You have my condolences,


Thanks to Defense Contractor guy for the tip.

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