Sunday, July 27, 2003


As I was driving 102 mph on the Autobahn, my cell phone rings.

It's CPT Patti. She was supposed to call on Saturday, but she was a day behind. No matter, I'll take the conversation when I can get it. I pulled as far off onto the shoulder as I could.

She sounded great. Much better this week than last.

She said that was due in part to her receiving something over 20 care packages. Most were from me but she also mentioned Dave & Deb, and Kyle and Kristi specifically as senders of boxes received this week.

I asked her if she and the troops ever got to have any fun. She said well, they play volleyball occasionally or the games I sent a couple of weeks ago (sent all sorts of card games, plus dominos, backgammon, checkers, chess, and such).

But, she says, mostly there is just no time to do much in the way of having fun.

She said that tomorrow the "super generator" is due to arrive at her site. I'm not sure that this thing is, but it will push a HUGE amount of current - enough to run airconditioning and ceiling fans in all the sleeping quarters.

Things are getting better.

She and the 1SG have rigged up some sort of mini-kitchen using his Coleman camping stove. With the power generator arriving however, I'll be sending her a two-eye electric burner and some basic cooking utensiles in the near future.

And she told me they finally have TV in a common area for the entire battalion.

Folks she is very grateful for the continued support to her, and to her soldiers, especially from those of you who adopted soldiers.

She indicated that while no-one is happy they are to be there an entire year, well, at least now they know. And they can quit worrying about that, and drive on.

But she sounded great.

And I thank those of you who had a special part in that late last week - you know who you are.

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