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July 26, 2003
Release Number: 03-07-77



BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces continued to conduct patrols and raids, confiscating weapons and ammunition throughout Iraq July 25, in support of the effort to ensure lasting freedom.

First Armored Division conducted raids at two former regime loyalists’ homes. Both are reputed arms dealers. The two individuals were detained along with nine other individuals. Confiscated weapons consisted of 15 AK-47s, one pistol and one pair of night-vision goggles. Also seized were $10,000 and two gold bars.

Additionally, a 1st AD patrol prevented an improvised explosive device attack in Baghdad when they noticed up to five Iraqis placing a tripwire that was attached to grenade across the road. The patrol fired at the Iraqis, killing one. The others fled the area.

Meanwhile, the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force supported the Iraqi Police as they raided a residence suspected of containing a weapons cache. They detained two individuals and captured an anti-aircraft gun, 10 rocket-propelled grenades, eight crates of antipersonnel mines and a number of mortar and anti-aircraft rounds.

In another raid, after receiving a tip from the Mahmudiyah police, 1st MEF captured another arms cache containing 50 rocket-propelled grenades, three launchers, three 81-mm mortar tubes, four boxes of 25 mm rounds, an anti-aircraft gun, three hand grenades and detonation cord.

In the last 24 hours, coalition forces conducted 35 raids, 1,168 day patrols and 912 night patrols and conducted 144 day patrols and 145 night patrols jointly with Iraqi police. Iraqi Police conducted 14 day patrols and 8 night patrols.

The total raids and patrols resulted in 242 arrests for various criminal activities including three for murder, eight for car jacking, three for aggravated assault, 11 for burglary and 19 for looting.

Release Number: 03-07-78



TIKRIT, Iraq – Coalition forces set up an aerial gunnery range near here allowing Coalition helicopter pilots to train with their weapons, thereby allowing them to better protect the security of the Iraqi people.

The range, which started operation July 21, will remain open until August 17. Coalition forces will use the range for training purposes only. Since it is a Coalition training area members of the local population are cautioned to stay clear. Concrete blocks on the trails leading to the range will have warnings written in Arabic stating that the area is off limits.

Although the area in which this range is located is sparsely populated, Coalition forces stress their concern for the safety of Iraqi citizens and reiterate the importance of staying clear of the area.

Note: Please notice the location. Saddam's home town. If you have never witnessed first hand helicopters firing their weapons, well, lets just say it can't help but get your attention. It is an awesome display. I believe it is no coincidence this training range has been set up right where those with the most probability of knowing the whereabouts of the Butcher of Baghdad live.


Release Number: 03-07-79



BAGHDAD, Iraq – Coalition forces assisted Iraqis by helping with waste management issues in the towns of Al Asriya, Mosul, Fallujah and Ar Ramadi.

In Al Asriya, a rural town about 15 kilometers northwest of Baghdad, Coalition forces used bulldozers and dump trucks to remove waste piled throughout the village. The large amount of trash in this town posed a serious health risk to the families living there. Combat engineers worked for three days to move dirt and debris to a burn pit and into an impromptu landfill.

In addition, Coalition forces provided the people of Al Asriya with two large “city limits” signs to post along Highway 1. The town has recently changed its name from Al Faris, which means “of the family of Saddam,” back to its pre-Saddam name of Al Asriya, which means “Model Town.” Coalition forces are also in the process of refurbishing three schools and modernizing utilities in Al Asriya.

In Mosul, Coalition forces involved with Operation Clean Sweep have contracted with the local municipal offices to clean up the Rashadia Quarter. The effort has provided employment for more than 50 Iraqis who are operating tractors, large trucks and front-end loaders.

In Fallujah, Coalition forces worked with Iraqi trash removal services to remove approximately 50 truckloads of trash. To date, Coalition forces have removed approximately 2,470 truckloads of trash from Fallujah.

In Al Qaim, which is in the Ar Ramadi area, Coalition forces provided money from the Commander’s Emergency Relief Program to help the town with waste management issues. Coalition forces provided $3,100 for vehicle parts to repair trucks used to pick up trash. In the nearby town of Ubaydi, Coalition forces provided another $4,400 of CERP money to fix a sewer high-pressure cleaning vehicle and repair sewer lines.

July 26, 2003
Release Number: 03-07-80



BA’QUBAH, Iraq – Three 4th Infantry Division soldiers guarding the Ba’qubah Children’s Hospital were killed and four were wounded in a grenade attack here at approximately 11 a.m. July 26.

The soldiers were evacuated to a U.S. medical treatment facility.

The names of the soldiers are being withheld pending notification of next-of kin.

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