Tuesday, June 01, 2004


It isn't glamorous work, but the folks they support sure love that they do it.
The unit was stationed roughly 30 miles northeast of Baghdad, providing laundry and support services for surrounding troops.

The company, a Combat Service Support, was responsible for operational field shower systems, field laundry support, and a renovation shop for uniforms, tents and other materials.

The work of the 1001st allowed their fellow soldiers to get a decent shower and clean uniforms, so they could do their job effectively.

"The Army doesn't have a unit like this for no reason," Daren said. "They'd be miserable if we didn't support them."

Daren knows firsthand.

"When we were in Kuwait, we had to wash our clothes out of a bucket for a month," he said. "It was horrible."

Daren said one of the most difficult parts of serving in rural Iraq was the lack of civilization and length of time it took to get things organized.

Eating off a mobile kitchen trailer for three months and waiting seven months for phone service was rough, said Daren.

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