Friday, June 04, 2004


The Iraqis have enough to concern them without having to continue to pay for Saddam's sins. Seems to me those countries who didn't spend a dime sending troops to help calm the aftermath ought to be the first to step up and forgive the debt.
Iraqi's new finance minister Thursday said the country expected up to 90 percent of its estimated $120 billion debt to be forgiven.

"We expect up to 90 percent of the debt to be forgiven, but because negotiations are ongoing it is too early to give figures and ratios," Adel Abdul-Mahdi told Reuters.

"We really want Iraq to be forgiven of (all) debt if that is possible, but we believe the larger part must be gotten rid off," said Abdul-Mahdi, part of a new interim government that will formally take over sovereignty from the United States June 30.

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