Monday, June 07, 2004

"It's about the troops," Steeb said. "It's not about me and what I'm doing over there."

Living among the troops has given him a new appreciation for the young men and women who are serving the United States.

"They are the most polite young people I've seen in a long time - all of them," he said.

The protective clothing and gear totaled 80 pounds, and the troops wore it in 110 to 120 degree Fahrenheit heat.

"I never heard a complaint," Steeb said. "We need to thank them for being there. They never fail to say, 'Yes, Sir,' or 'Good evening, Sir. How are you?'"

Mortar and rockets will be searing the city sky, and these young people will stand guard, easy targets in front of palm trees.

Steeb said when he shows a guard his badge, the soldier will say, "Thank you, Sir."

"Then I will say 'thank you.' I like to let them know they are appreciated," he said. "They will always respond, 'Just doing my job, Sir.'"

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Anonymous said...

This is something that you will never see on the news. It contradicts how they are trying to portray our military. But, thankfully, this is the way most of our military does behave.

Cathy, Proud Army Mom