Wednesday, June 09, 2004


And it is a very good piece...go read it all.
The good news is: Liberals' anti-war hysteria seems to have run its course.

I base this conclusion on Al Gore's lunatic anti-war speech last week. Gore always comes out swinging just as an issue is about to go south. He's the stereotypical white guy always clapping on the wrong beat.

Gore switched from being a pro-defense Democrat to a lefty peacenik -- just before the 9/11 attack.

He grew a beard -- just in time for an attack on the nation by fundamentalist Muslims. He endorsed Howard Dean -- just as the orange-capped Deaniacs were punching themselves out.

Gore even went out and got really fat -- just before America officially gave up carbs.

This guy is always leaping into the mosh pit at the precise moment the crowd parts.

Mark my words: Now that good old Al has come lunging in, the anti-war movement is dead.

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