Thursday, June 10, 2004


Grudging positive words about Iraq's future from the "UN First" crowd.

And what has changed? Is it that President Bush came up with a new, comprehensive plan for Iraq? No.

Is it that peace has finally settled upon the region? No.

It is that the US has done exactly what it said it would do from day one...namely to assist the Iraqis in establishing their own government, provide for their own defense and begin to take care of themselves.

Oh...yeah...and the UN Security Council voted to say all that is OK with them.

Prima facie evidence that the word of our President and his cabinet means nothing...but the "approval" by the UN is everything.

Warped, warped, warped.
More and more, despite the insurgents and continuing violence, it seems that Iraq may get its chance.

Such is the real significance of the U.N. Security Council's unanimous vote the other day, not its possible influence on President Bush's re-election prospects or even the reawakened comity between those nations that favored and opposed the war in Iraq.

The resolution adopted in that vote confers legitimacy on the Iraqi government that will supplant coalition authorities on June 30. And it nails down a process that will lead to elections and a transitional government and, finally, to a permanent government.
So...a host of countries vote to confer legitmacy on a government that most of them didn't lift a finger to help implement, and many actively sought to prevent from happening through opposition to Saddam's removal.

And notice the OP-ED doesn't say Iraq may get its chance as a result of actions by the USA and Great Britain. No...Iraq may get it's chance due to a UN Security Council vote.

Very warped.

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David said...

I believe it is called taking credit where none is due - think about it - they are against the war in case it really goes bad (like Somalia) - if it all goes to hell they can say "I told you so" - until it looks like everything is going to work out - suddenly everyone is for it ... "we were waiting for the UN". A good no-risk approach.

This is a case where the US is a bit of its own worst enemy in that we are willing to go it alone ... do you think these other countries don't know that.