Friday, April 23, 2004


Will it do any good? Perhaps. I mean...he's correct, of course. But I'm not certain if that matters.
"Terrorists and bomb-throwers get headlines, to be sure. The good people of Iraq and Afghanistan do not."

Nor do the courageous men and women of the coalition who have deployed to the countries, Rumsfeld added. Military and civilian personnel have deployed to help Iraqis and Afghans get on a path to self-government and to self-reliance, he said. "They do not make headlines, but they are making a difference," the secretary told the editors.

"The vast majority of the Iraqi people are not rioting, they're not looting, they're not shooting, he continued. "For every bomb that goes off in Baghdad, there are many bombs that are defused as a result of coalition soldiers acting on information they receive from Iraqi people.

"For every building that's damaged by mortar fire, there are many schools and hospitals and clinics that are being built and repaired," he continued. "And for every Iraqi soldier who was reluctant to fight in the past few weeks, there are tens of thousands of Iraqi security officials who are fighting every day for the Iraqi people, and there have been over 300 Iraqi security forces that have been killed in recent months."

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