Thursday, April 22, 2004

A huge balloon used for surveillance will be on its way from Akron to Baghdad this summer.

An Akron-based division of Lockheed Martin introduced the aerostat Tuesday, which is filled with helium and tethered to the ground by high-strength cables.

The Army says the aerostat will hover about 2,500 feet over Baghdad and will carry electro/optic-infrared sensors.

Officials say the aerostat and sensor will be tested in Arizona in June and then will be sent to Iraq in July. The deflated balloon can fit in an 8-foot box and weighs 1,200 pounds.

Lockheed Martin program director Warren Morrison says it can keep track of a 100-mile diameter area.
Hmmm...I'm certain they've considered it...but how do you prevent this sort of foolishness?

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