Thursday, April 22, 2004

The nurse was kidnapped on the way from the hospital to the hotel where she was staying and after 10 hours of interrogation she was released by her captors after they became certain that she was Greek.

She told the newspaper that she explained to them what was her work in Iraq they apologized to her for the inconvenience and explained to her that unfortunately they have no other way to defend themselves except from kidnapping the allies of the Americans.
Let's best I can tell not one demand associated with kidnapping anyone in Iraq has been reported as being met. Nearly every nation on the planet has said we don't negotiate with terrorists...So...kidnapping, as it turns out, accomplishes about bupkus.

Since when is Greece not an ally of the Americans? Did their membership in NATO suddenly lapse?

Let's see...other ways of defending yourself...hmm...have you considered not killing and actually working for a living for a while? guys aren't exactly Iraq's brightest and best now are you?

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