Wednesday, January 07, 2004


Had this guy not already been on a watch list...what then?
The U.S. television channel ABC reported Tuesday that the man, who failed to show up for an Air France flight from Paris canceled on Christmas Eve, was suspected of having links to the al Qaeda network and might have a small bomb to attack planes.

"I confirm that we are looking for someone. I cannot tell you anything more," Perben told RMC radio.

French media reported that the man was a Tunisian whose name matched that of a man who was captured by U.S. forces in Afghanistan but later escaped.

This morning (Central European Time) CNN had Paula Zahn's show on in which Paula breathlessly explores the question "Are We Safer?" with regards to extra security measures in the airline systems.

Is it just me or does it also strike you that these rhetorical questions serve to cast doubt? Anyway, what little I saw of the show was along the lines of "but this is still broken and that hasn't been done..."

And I'm wondering...excuse the question "Are we safer?" or is the question "Are we perfectly safe?"

And CNN seems intent to ask the former question while answering the latter.

And I just hate that.

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