Wednesday, January 07, 2004


Says to tell you he's discovered the universe does NOT revolve around you after all.

Bernd Stange, the German coach of the Iraqi national soccer team...continues his award-winning whining.
Iraq national coach Bernd Stange said Tuesday he would be sticking with the team until after the 2006 World Cup qualifiers but admitted he fears for his life in the war-torn country.

"I want to lead the team until the 2006 World Cup but the security conditions in the country have to improve.

I must be the only foreigner who does not have protection in Iraq," said the 56-year-old German

Longtime readers will remember Stange for these other makes-you-want-to-hug-him quotes:

"The national football stadium, the heart of Iraqi football, is left by the Americans like a dustbin."

"We have not one role model for the youth in Iraq."

"Sometimes I would be happy," he said, "if someone in the coalition said 'Okay, boys you did a good job' or 'Come on, we have a party together or a barbecue' but nothing happens - not one word."

Let me just comment - again - on this idiot. The Provider battalion, to which CPT Patti is assigned occupied the stadium he speaks of above. They moved in along side a support battalion from the 3d Infantry Division.

CPT Patti set up most of her supply base around that stadium...and then, within 60 days, picked the whole thing up and moved it again, while trying to support the then 4000+ soldiers in her sector. Meaning...they didn't have time to pack up and move, but they did it anyway.

And why?

Because the American leadership decided it would be a great symbol to give Iraq back its football (soccer) stadium.

And this guy just wants to whine about its condition?

Hey pal...have you checked out the Iraqis living in buildings with live bombs still embedded? Have you looked at the tent cities and makeshift barracks our GIs have dug out of the rubble.

Dude, you just need to learn to shut up...because every time you open your sorry mouth you just give me more fodder to show you up as the self-centered idiot that you are.

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