Tuesday, January 06, 2004


It appears GEN Bell knows something about changes afoot in the uniform regulation that the rest of us don't know.
These colors don’t run and, from now on, they don’t come off uniforms either.

That’s the message from the Army’s top commander in Europe, who is ordering troops returning from deployments to the Balkans, Middle East and other hot spots to keep the U.S. flag patch on their fatigues.

Soon, Gen. B.B. Bell hopes all soldiers will be wearing the Stars and Stripes full time, whether deployed or at home.

“In light of our expeditionary operations and in recognition of the Army’s commitment to the (global war on terrorism), it is now appropriate and proper for all soldiers to proudly and permanently wear the American Flag on their field/combat uniform — whether they are committed to an operation or in garrison,” Bell wrote in a Dec. 15 message to Army commanders stationed in Europe.

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