Tuesday, January 06, 2004


In the Catholic areas of Germany they are celebrating Drei Koenigs Tag or 3 Kings Day.

Today is the 239th day of CPT Patti's Arabian trek.

And today is a day of confusion that my experience tells me will give way to less than wonderful news.

Various news outlets are speaking of a new Stop Loss/Stop Movement order to be released by the Pentagon.

I'll explain those terms later...but for right now suffice it to say that if the reports are true (and they most likely are) and if the dates are right (no way yet to tell) then CPT Patti will not be returning home in March as was the plan...

Chances are she will still give up command on 1 March...but will be required to remain with the unit until 90 days after the unit comes home.

That means she would redeploy with 1st Brigade, 1AD probably about the end of April, first week of May.

And then we would be here in Germany until about August.

All this is speculation...the Army hasn't released the official "message" yet...but - again, my experience tells me it will probably work out just as I've described it here.


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