Monday, September 01, 2003


If there is any truth to this it is in some ways amusing.

Terrorists who are apparently smart enough to pack a car with explosives and put it in exactly the right place to kill their target then cannot contain their excitement and attract all kind of attention by waving money around an internet cafe.
Two Saudis arrested after the Najaf attack in Iraq that killed leading Shiite cleric Mohammad Baqer al-Hakim were picked up after sending an e-mail saying "mission accomplished: the dog is dead", The Times reported today quoting a source close to the Iraqi inquiry.

The men were grabbed by a crowd and taken to the nearest police station after being seen sending the e-mail from an Internet cafe, the source said.

The bombing on Friday in the Iraqi holy city of Najaf killed at least 83 people including Ayatollah Hakim, regarded as a moderate Shiite.

The two suspects apparently attracted the attention of the son of the cafe owner after having "offered a larger than usual sum of money to use a computer", the British daily said.

It was then that the son saw the men send a message saying "mission accomplished: the dog is dead".

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