Wednesday, September 03, 2003


Trying to get a good picture on this is difficult. But this story indicates the bombing was across the street from the Academy, and at the Police HQ.

If that is true I take a slight bit of comfort in the target not being the Americans (including CPT Patti) at the academy.
The car bombing occurred before midday at the Rasafa police station in western Baghdad. It is a major police headquarters for the capital.

VOA reporter Selwan al-Naimi, an eyewitness, was thrown across his car by the blast. "I saw many casualties, people injured, many ambulances, car ambulances, and American helicopters. Humvees came, suddenly," he said.

The station is the headquarters of Baghdad's Acting Police Chief, General Hassan al-Obeidi. It is located across the street from the police academy where part of Iraq's reconstituted police force is being trained.

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