Thursday, September 04, 2003


Frankly, I'm underwhelmed at the amount of coverage given to this milestone event.

In my view, this further strengthens a momentum for that nation which will be hard for the miscreants to break.
Seventeen of the 25 Cabinet members made it to the high-security ceremony at Baghdad's Convention Center. The other eight were unable to break off foreign travel or get to the capital just two days after they were appointed.

Still, the gathering inside a half-mile circumference of sandbags, barbed wire, sharpshooters and explosives-sniffing dogs was cause for celebration.

"This is one of my happiest days," said Governing Council Secretary-General Muhyi K. Alkateeb, noting that the Cabinet is both ethnically diverse and predominantly Western-educated. "Now we have a government of ministers; we do not have to fear."

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