Friday, August 29, 2003


And yet another soldier tells us how the vast majority of Iraqis appreciate the Americans.

If you are a long time reader, you know this is a consistent report from every soldier we have found speaking on the subject.

So ask youself why the headlines all deal with the tiny fractions...
The willingness of Iraqis to approach and work with coalition forces to provide information reflects how tension has diminished since the 315th’s arrival in Baghdad May 1.

Chun said Iraqis are accepting the operations better because posters that once disappear in three days can now be found hanging after three weeks.

Davis said, considering Baghdad’s population, only a small number of people hate the coalition enough to bring harm to the forces.

“There are 5 million people in Baghdad. I believe 99.96 percent of them are happy with us here,” Davis said. “Eventually that small percentage (who are against the coalition) will be drowned by people saying, ‘Shut up. Life is better.’”

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