Friday, August 29, 2003


An interesting perspective on those who wish us to leave Iraq.
Almost all the U.S. and coalition casual ties in post-war Iraq have been in flicted in the so-called "Sunni Triangle," which includes Baghdad and the towns to the north and west of the capital.
The region is predominantly Sunni Muslim; it was — and still seems to be — sympathetic to Saddam Hussein.

And, much like many Germans in 1919, the locals apparently don't understand that their leader lost the war.

For sure, they didn't witness the utter destruction visited on Saddam's vaunted legions. As a result, they tend not to take American military might seriously.

More to the point, the Sunnis seem also not to realize that coalition forces are all that stand between them and the bloody vengeance of the people they oppressed for three decades: the Shi'ites of the south and the Kurds of the north — who together form a majority in Iraq.

If the Americans were to pull out of Iraq prematurely, it's likely that the Shi'ites would fall upon the Sunnis in a civil war that would make Lebanon's look like child's play, with casualty numbers out of Rwanda.

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