Saturday, August 30, 2003

The bloody bombings of Tuesday, August 19th, challenge those anti-war activists who say that terrorists hate us because of America's warlike policies.

On Bloody Tuesday, Islamic terrorists struck not U.S. targets, but United Nations headquarters in Baghdad. The U.N. opposed the war but their more positive attitude toward the Arab world didn't stop the killers from murdering U.N. humanitarian officials, along with innocent Iraqis.

Meanwhile, the Israeli government has been doing just what critics from the left want it to do-compromising with Palestinians, releasing their prisoners, withdrawing from their towns. Palestinian officials even proclaimed an official truce--but that didn't stop their terror organizations from claiming "credit" for a bus bombing killing more than 20 and injuring over 100.

These events prove that attacks of Islamic fanatics bear little connection to American or Israeli policy--but stem from the blind bloodlust of these evil killers.

They don't need to be understood. They need to be stopped.

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