Thursday, May 13, 2004


By one of our own from the 16th Engineers out of Giessen.

Go read it. Now.
Don't be seduced by those who would rather that we sit back and just enjoy the freedoms past generations of Americans have sacrificed to gain for us. This is our time to earn it. I remember President Bush saying after the September 11th attacks: "The commitment of our Fathers is now the calling of our time."
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Pretty good stuff, eh? If you thought so, then you will also really want to read this as well. It is from one who understands the situation over there far better than any of us sitting thousands if miles away writing about it. (via Smash)

And in the end...what to take from these? What strikes me in the first link is a glimpse behind the scenes, in which we see that some very smart folks (and the Army indeed has some very smart folks) have analyzed the situation, developed goals and objectives, laid out a plan to reach them, and are now knocking them over like tin ducks at a carnival shooting gallery. I think most folks simply don't have any idea of the intelligent, rational thought that supports our military operations.

And from the latter link? From that I take a renewed appreciation of how well our Servicemen and women can get to know the country and its people, and through those contacts, understand the issues and complexities in ways the popular media never will.

Have faith. Those are good folks we have over there. Good folks with good hearts, and good brains.

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