Wednesday, May 12, 2004


And would you like to see a snapshot of the lunacy that exists in this world today? Go to the Google news site and search on "war on Islam".

I think you will be simply disgusted.

Then pay a visit to LGF and read the description of the beheading...or, if you are strong enough (I am not), watch the video. (Thanks for the link, Sarah.)

Seems to me certain followers of Islam are doing everything in their power to turn this into a war against Islam.

Oh...and Farrakhan...had this to say.
Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan said yesterday that the reported abuse of Iraqi prisoners by the U.S. military was the latest episode of unprovoked violence by the United States against Islamic nations and their people.
Emphasis added.

Gee...this is more along the lines of my concept of unprovoked violence.

Clearly the asylum is in the hands of the inmates.

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