Thursday, March 04, 2004


Today we find out who that soldier was.
An Army sergeant informed Lee Woodliff that his son, Michael, was killed when an explosion tore through the Humvee the specialist was riding in on Tuesday. Michael Woodliff died later in the day in a Baghdad medical facility, his father was told.

Woodliff enlisted in the Army on a delayed entry program the summer after his junior year in high school by tricking his parents into signing a waiver, said his mother Janine.

His mother said she knew he was going to enlist because he talked of it constantly.

"You're going into the service over my dead body," she often responded. More than once she shooed away recruiters who stopped by the house.

Woodliff reported for duty after senior year, in May 2000.

Crystal Steward said she and Woodliff had made tentative plans to marry next February.

"We wanted to get married so bad and loved each other so much," Steward said. "I don't know how anyone is going to measure up to him."
And from another story:
(E)arlier this year, his comrades nicknamed him "Lucky." The name came after an Iraqi man approached with a bomb strapped around his waist. The man pulled the cord, but the bomb failed to go off, family members said.

Earlier, Michael had told his fiancee he had narrowly escaped unharmed when his camp came under fire.

"He said, 'Sweetie, if we had camped just 30 feet away, I might not be telling you this,'" Steward said.

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