Tuesday, March 02, 2004


This one has me very worried.

Our Division. Apparently our Brigade's sector.

And no more information available.
One US soldier was killed and another seriously wounded when their jeep came under attack in Baghdad.

A grenade was thrown at the 1st Armoured Division Humvee as it drove under an overpass in east Baghdad.

UPDATE: She's OK!!!! I got an email about 7:15 p.m. my time. Turns out she was all over Baghdad today - went to Baghdad International for various reasons (bad captain! BAD captain!!)...and heard all about the sad stuff over her radios. She stayed put until Brigade headquarters indicated they thought it was safe to resume normal operations.

Sadly, though, the casualty was one from our brigade.

Today has been a VERY HARD DAY.

I'll thank the Good Lord not to undergo another like today.

But praise Jesus she is alright.

May you, dear reader, never have to go through such a day.

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