Tuesday, September 09, 2003


The story in this post is the same story as the one listed in the post below. But this is how Reuters pathologically cannot help themselves as they spin the news.
Iraq's U.S.-backed foreign minister made his international debut on Tuesday, but attacks on American soldiers illustrated the price of the U.S.-led occupation five months after Saddam Hussein's fall.

Foreign Minister Hoshiyar Zebari took his seat at an Arab League meeting in an important step toward the international recognition of Iraq's U.S.-appointed Governing Council.

But the guerrilla attacks which have overshadowed political progress since Saddam's fall on April 9 showed no signs of abating, with five U.S. soldiers wounded.

Zebari, a Kurd who was appointed last week by the Governing Council, joined other Arab ministers at a regular meeting of the 22-member League in Cairo.

Question 1: How many foreign inisters does Iraq have? Answer - one. But Reuters wants us to know they don't think its legit, so it is the "U.S.-backed foreign minister".

Question 2: What in the bloody blue hell does the Iraqi foreign minister sitting down at the Arab League have to do with with guerilla attacks in Iraq? Answer: Nothing. But Reuters apparently wants to offset any possible good news with bad news, whether they have any connection at all.

Geez I hate Reuters.

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