Thursday, September 11, 2003


Let's see...average Saudi citizens hijack airplanes to kill US civilians.

Average US citizens donate time, goods and money to assist Arab children.

You decide.
Dear Editor:

Sandi, myself, and our son, Scott, who is serving in Baghdad with the 1st Armored Division and a whole bunch of kids at an orphanage in Baghdad wish to thank everyone that responded to our request for help. About eight weeks ago our son, Scott, had asked that the next time we send a care package to him, rather than sending something for him we send something for an orphanage located within his sector of responsibility in Baghadad.

He explained that the orphanage had nothing and there were a lot of newborn through about age 6 that needed help. The request has snowballed and it has been great. Because of your response we have sent a total of about 523 pounds of goods to the orphanage. They consist of about 2,060 items including diapers, baby formula, baby products, receiving blankets, clothes of all kinds in sizes newborn through age 6. It took 28 large boxes to mail all of it. We also received cash donations of $255 to help with the postage.

We received word from Scott that the shipment arrived and that he delivered all of it to the orphanage on Sept. 4. He said they were very happy and very appreciative for everything that was sent. Special thanks to the wives of 842nd that helped pack and prepare the boxes for shipment. It would have taken us all night, but with their help we had it done in less than an hour. Also special thanks to Our Savior's Lutheran Church that served as a drop-off for the items as well as paid the remaining postage not covered by donations. Again thank you very much, your efforts are very much appreciated.

Ernie and Sandi Nauman


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