Wednesday, September 17, 2003


Over the weekend here CNN just couldn't bring itself to cut away from it's coverage of Clinton's visit to the AME church in California.

I was disgusted. You see, church still has meaning for me. But apparently I don't share the former president's view of what church is about.

For instance - he makes his entry into the church after the service has begun. According to the news, that brought the whole congregation to their feet. Me - I believe grandstanding and attempting to upstage the Lord in His own house is megalomaniacal.

From the pulpit he tells the people "You'll have to calm down or you will have me believing I'm president again." Of course, this elicits a loud roar. I know a little bit about ego, and Clinton's use of that phrase was calculated to elicit that roar to stoke his boundless ego. Pure passive-aggressive egotism. In church.

He used the Lord's house for political purposes. Is that any different than the moneychangers misusuing the house of God?

He sprinkled his remarks with scripture. This is the same man who wagged his finger in our collective faces as he lied to the nation about an adulterous affair.

I'm just disgusted. And so is David Frum:
But there is still one more thing that remains to be said: which is that just as Clinton reduced the standards of the presidency to a world-historical low, so he now seems to be competing to be the most disgraceful ex-president in history.

Time was, when ex-presidents refrained from overt partisanship, ascending into a kind of dignified retirement that allowed them to undertake important tasks on behalf of the whole nation. Even those presidents who had been strident partisans during their time in office – Truman, Nixon – nonetheless managed to get a grip on themselves afterward, and at least in public behave with some kind of dignity.

Not Clinton! He's still untruthfully accusing his political opponents of poisoning the wells. What a guy. Al Jazeera should hire him as its in-house political analyst.

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