Thursday, June 26, 2003

An ambush on a U.S. military vehicle killed one U.S. solider and injured another on the road leading to Baghdad's airport Thursday, and a U.S. Marine was killed and two others injured when their vehicle rolled over as they sped to the scene of another attack.

Also Thursday, two Iraqi employees of the national electricity authority were killed when their U.S.-led convoy came under a grenade attack in west Baghdad, U.S. soldiers and Iraqi police said.

The morning attack on the road leading to Baghdad International Airport apparently involved an explosive device placed on the road, said U.S. soldiers at the scene, who asked not to be named. It appeared the device was detonated either by remote control or a trip wire...

In Baghdad Wednesday afternoon, ambushers dropped grenades from an overpass onto a convoy of Army Humvees as they passed underneath, said Marine Corps Maj. Sean Gibson. There were no serious injuries.

The ambushes were the latest in a spiraling series of attacks against U.S.-led occupation forces in Iraq.

The airport road, heavily used by U.S. forces, has been the scene of a series of ambushes using trip wires dangling from overpasses or grenades tossed from bridges. Last month, two U.S. soldiers were killed and two injured when a Humvee detonated an anti-tank mine hidden under debris on the highway.

The reason that road is so heavily used by US forces is that the airport serves as the primary logistics base for Iraq. Mail, rations and other supplies are flown into Baghdad International Airport daily.

It is also where the 1AD headquarters is.

And so, predictably, the logistics folks and the senior leaders of brigades and battalions subordinate to 1AD will all use this route frequently.

This is scary. Read it all here.

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