Tuesday, June 24, 2003


The loud comments about Americans running roughshod around the middle east are predictable. The unknown quantity here is whether this spill over the border might be permanent.

As if we aren't already stretched too thin.
But the United States does not want the search for Hussein to widen the conflict. Officials refused today to discuss the implications of the incursion onto Syrian territory, and would give no details about how far troops thrust into Syria, how long they stayed there, or how they got into the firefight.

The administration has rankled Syrian leaders by accusing them of allowing senior Iraqi leaders to pass into Syria along smuggling routes.

A secretive group called Task Force 20 spearheaded the U.S. assault on the convoy. The covert force specializes in tracking and targeting Iraqi officials based on intelligence from the CIA and other sources, defense officials said. Made up mostly of Army soldiers, Task Force 20 has targeted Hussein and others since before the war began, one official said.

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