Wednesday, July 07, 2004


The best part of this website running experience has been connecting with folks whose own stories inspire me.

This week I received a note from a Police Captain back home in the USA...he included a photo of his children standing before the Korean War Memorial in Washington, DC.

The Captain had this to say:
We work very hard at making sure that our children know that freedom is not free and that many make sacrifices (including the ultimate sacrifice) to ensure that we are able to carry on with the finest American traditions.
And I'm thinking to myself that I can quantify the number of days CPT Patti has been in the war zone...more to the point I can point to a date on the calendar with an idea, however evanescent, that after that date CPT Patti is out of the war zone.

And then I think of the Police Captain's family, whose wife and children don't really have that luxury - haven't had for a couple of decades, since at any time during his day a policeman's world can erupt into a war-like zone of its own.

And then I read that he and his wife work hard to teach their children that some make sacrifices for America.

Seems to me he teaches them that lesson every day he puts on his uniform and heads out to work.

Anyway...wanted you to see a photo of some really good looking kids before the Korean War who are being raised by folks you can respect, deep in the heart of the America I Live In.

And thanks to you and the Mrs...for all the good that you contribute.

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