Thursday, July 08, 2004


The UN attempts to tell the USA what's what with nuclear materials inside Iraq.

Yes...the same UN that closed its short-lived offices in Iraq because the US couldn't guarantee its security.
Did the United States have the proper authority to take some materials out of Iraq last month?

There's a dispute over that question.

United Nations nuclear officials apparently disagree with America's claims that it had the authority to transfer highly radioactive material from Iraq.

Officials believe the nearly two tons of uranium and other radioactive items could be used in bombs to spread radiation. The material had been placed under seal by the U-N's nuclear agency at a Baghdad-area nuclear complex.

The U-S revealed recently that the material has been airlifted to an Energy Department lab for more analysis. U-N officials say the U-S never asked them for permission first.

But American officials say they believe they had the legal authority to remove the materials -- and that they had the Iraqi government's permission.

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