Thursday, June 24, 2004


Deprive the terrorists of a public platform.
One thing we know for sure about these psychotic murderers is that they seek as much publicity as they can possibly get. And they’re getting it. They seek to terrorize as many people as possible, and they’re succeeding...

A universal agreement needs to be reached to ban the broadcasting of any video tapes filmed by the terrorists, and to impose a total blackout on all their statements to the media. They must be deprived from any forum they are now using to spread their murderous propaganda. There should be no forum for those justifying murders of innocents. The media focus needs to be on the victims of the killers not on the killers themselves. This is one way to deprive the enemies of the civilized world of their greatest asset. Just like Nazi supporters and sympathizers were banned from all forums, so should be these terrorists.
We've discussed this here these thugs use the media to transmit their propoganda. In fact, if it were not for media, the terrorists would have no platform for their butchery. They'd be faced with a problem worthy of a James Bond to take over the world media. As it is, they don't have to so clever.

The media allow themselves to be used as the terrorists broadcasters, when in fact the thugs have no other outlet.

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