Sunday, May 16, 2004


Further proof that sitting on your butt and hoping will not make them like you. Spain could tell you if they'd take the time to examine their own wounds, this isn't about being, or not being, in Iraq.
The Al-Qaeda terror network views Canada as a legitimate target because it is a "selfish" nation committing "terrorism" against Muslims around the world, an unofficial spokesman for jihadists waging holy war against the West said Friday.

Khalid Khawaja, a friend of Osama bin Laden's who calls the Saudi terrorist and his followers "the most wonderful people of the world," told the National Post that Canadians should not be surprised if suicide bombers want to strike their country.

"It is very simple," he said. "As Bush says, either you are a friend or you are an enemy. So if you are not my friend, you are our enemy. So it is very simple. When you are supporting the enemy [the United States] then you are a target."
So...there it is. The terrorists have now set the standard. Either you are their friend, or their enemy.

How many countries will sign up to be their "friends"?

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