Sunday, May 16, 2004


And its downright Maslowian.

Read the Iraqi who writes this is doing so not in his mother tongue.
I always talk to the people there and the accelerated rate their consciousness and understanding are growing at, often surprises me.

In one of the meetings I asked them about their opinion about the government and the president they would like to have in the future, here, a man said “ I’d prefer a Christian president” as a matter of fact I was shocked as I wasn’t expecting to hear such a perspective in an almost exclusively Shei’at village.

Here the others agreed and clarified their friends point “we mean that we don’t want an Islamic or Shei’at government” “see, the SCIRI party established a library and a school to give religion classes that no one attends despite it cost the party thousands of dollars and occupied one of the towns’ buildings.

Take a look at the water treatment plant that the coalition established, people gather around it every morning”. “We want those who know what we need, not those who tell us to do what they want” another man added”.
There is a lot more worthy of your attention. Go read it.

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