Thursday, April 08, 2004


We got the official word this morning. Plus, I've been in touch with CPT Patti. But at this point I can only share what has been made public.

The 1st Brigade, 1st Armor Division has been extended for a total of 120 days. Four months. Three months of that will be for the purpose of continuing operations in Iraq. The remaining month is the time to pack stuff up and redeploy to Germany.

As of now we should expect that our folks will be back here in mid August.

And...unfortunately for some readers...the bad part is that those who have already returned home to Giessen and Friedberg from the 1st Brigade...those soldiers will be returned to Iraq to rejoin their units.

Expect that the stop loss, stop movement order that was implemented in January will be extended for the duration of the deployment. That means that 99% of all scheduled moves, unit changes, retirements and just plain old getting out of the Army will not happen for our guys.

The good news? Well, the best I can give you right now is that mail service has been reinstated for the 1st Brigade effective immediately. Just address the stuff the same way you did before and send it on.

It's a helluva shock...but we've got to get back on that horse and ride. May God have mercy on us.

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