Wednesday, April 07, 2004


Sources said options include repositioning troops within Iraq, moving troops from Kuwait, accelerating the scheduled deployment of replacement troops from the United States, or identifying small additional units that could be moved from the United States or elsewhere.

Another option would be to extend the tour of duty of some troops already in Iraq, a Pentagon official acknowledged Tuesday. But at the same time, officials played down the possibility.

One official said extending the tours of U.S. troops is not a "formal option" and that it is not under "active consideration."

A decision to keep troops in Iraq beyond a one-year tour would break a promise the Pentagon made to bring "predictability" to the stress of overseas deployments.

"Any decision to extend the tours of duty would come at a cost," one official said. "That would have to be taken into consideration."
Of course, I'm hoping this one is correct.

Meanwhile, still no word from CPT Patti...I don't know if the convoy went out or not...usually she is very good about contacting me.

But I'm feeling a bit calmer now...and I think it is thanks to your prayers. So...thank you!

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