Monday, March 08, 2004

Guerrillas have fired 10 rockets at the headquarters of the US-led administration in Baghdad, according to Iraqi police.

The attacks have come on the eve of the planned signing of a new and hard-won interim constitution for Iraq.

Police and the US military said there were no serious injuries from the blasts.

The rockets were fired from a car which the attackers abandoned.

Police said they found explosives in the car along with two rockets that had not been fired.
But the Islamists are hopping mad over that which they cannot control.
Jordan's powerful Muslim Brotherhood movement Sunday urged Iraqis to reject a new constitution due to be endorsed in Baghdad on Monday.

A statement issued by the influential Islamic group said the new Iraqi constitution, to be signed by all 25 members of the interim Iraqi Governing Council, was "dictated by the American occupation."

It said that U.S. Administrator in Iraq, Paul Bremer, had "refused for Islam to be the basic reference of the constitution."

The draft Iraqi constitution states that Islam is one of the sources for legislation but not the central one.

The Jordanian movement added that Islam "should remain the only source of legislation in Iraq and for Arabic to remain the only basic language," in an obvious reference to the constitution that adopted Arabic and Kurdish as the two basic languages in Iraq, Jordan's eastern neighbor.

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