Tuesday, March 09, 2004


I'm scouring the news on the internet trying to find expressions of congratulations by world leaders to the Iraqis on their new constitution.

None is being reported other than President Bush and Prime Minister Blair.

I sincerely hope that I am incorrect...but I cannot find a single quote attributable to any world leader on this amazing accomplishment.

Perhaps I'm looking at this incorrectly...and I'll count on the readers as usual to adjust my perspective. But Germany is a democracy. France is a democracy. Regardless of what one thinks of the road that brought the Iraqis here, don't the people of the world's most nascent democracy deserve the encouragement of those who have long since been down this path?

It is not an original thought with me...but a powerful one: Democracies don't attack democracies. Think about it. What was the last significant war waged between two democracies?

One would think this fact alone is worth celebrating.

Does anyone else find this to be sad?

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