Monday, March 15, 2004


Tim Robbins is not only wrong...he's also unfunny.
It’s difficult to imagine just who the audience is for this show.

Neoconservatives, of course, will dislike Robbins’ creation for its mega-ton Bush-bashing. Ultraliberals will wonder why, if the president and his policies are the targets, the show isn’t sharper and funnier.

But then, finding genuine wit in "Embedded" is as difficult as finding weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.
And here is another review. Geez...this play must just rot from the inside out.
The average GI is sympathetically portrayed, though the officers and those above them are either sinister or ludicrous.

The piece de resistance consists of six White House bigwigs (with names like RumRum) in red or white masks chatting about the motives and meaning of the war. They are also, it is hinted, responsible for 9/11.

Unfortunately, Robbins is not a naturally comic writer, and entire scenes just lie there. He tries to exculpate the average American GI, but the logic of his position betrays him.

"Embedded" is neither bitingly satirical nor passionately angry. Whether you agree with it is irrelevant. It's just a bore.
(Emphasis added)

Oh...and Mr. wife is an Army Officer...and she is neither sinister nor ludicrous. In fact she is a noble, caring leader much beloved by her soldiers.

But that doesn't fit your liberal misconception of the military, now does it? Geez...if you can't be funny, perhaps you'd bother to try to be correct.

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