Thursday, February 26, 2004

Iraqi athletes will get an invitation to compete in the Athens Olympics even if they fail to qualify. The International Olympic Committee can invite athletes to some sports for the Olympics. And Pere Miro, director of Olympic Solidarity, said yesterday that Iraqis will be at the Games in August.

Iraqi athletes will "be in the Games for sure. We'll find a way," Miro said.

"We are not expecting medals, but at least to have the adequate level to take part in the games," Miro added.
And here is my prediction. When you watch the opening ceremonies of the Olympics in Athens this summer, and they announce the Iraqi Olympic team, they will receive the largest roar and ovation of any team (possibly excepting the host country team, Greece).

And when they do, that will be the world's unplanned vote of support for our liberation of Iraq. Folks who are anti-American, anti-Bush etc will cheer despite themselves that the Iraqi team is there, and they aren't worried about receiving torture from the Hussein boys for not showing well.

And in the end, all other rhetoric aside, that affirmation speaks for itself.

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