Tuesday, November 18, 2003

When the Spearfish Spartan football team took the state championship Saturday night, a whole unit of soldiers cheered the team from half a world away.

"Way to go Spartans! That is awesome that they won, we all knew that they could do it," wrote National Guard soldier Noah Siebenaller from base camp near Baghdad, Iraq.

The South Dakota National Guard 842nd Engineer Company learned what was happening throughout the game via e-mail updates.

"Thank you so much for keeping us posted on the game!" Siebenaller wrote.

They could not see or hear the game in real time, but that didn't make their enthusiasm or support any less real. E-mail updates were sent to the troops at halftime, as soon as the Spartans scored their first touchdown and with the final seconds ticking off the clock. "The entire 842nd Engineer Company is very proud of the Spearfish Spartans and would like to congratulate them on winning their second state championship, way to go! Aberdeen didn't stand a chance," Siebenaller said.

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