Wednesday, November 26, 2003


Fascinating account of the steps our guys take to deal with the bad guys lobbing mortar rounds in our direction.

Read it all.
“Red Rain! Red Rain! Red Rain!” the first soldier called out, alerting the TOC that the division’s Firefinder radar has detected the launch of a projectile — a mortar perhaps or a surface-to-air missile. Soldiers quickly swung toward their computer screens while others prepared for the information about to flow into the TOC by radio and computer.

“… Three-niner-six. … Impact Three-one-two-seven-eight-five.”

“Target two-zero-zero”

“S-2, not clear.”

Other voices crackled over the radio as troops from other parts of the division’s network called in their part of the mission.

“It’s that same guy that’s firing,” one sergeant said, looking at his computer screen.

“Steel Main, Steel Main …”

The battle captain made eye contact with the operations officer and announced:

“Negative on S-2. Negative on humint (human intelligence). Recommend end of mission.”

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