Saturday, June 07, 2003

EVIDENCE THAT IT INDEED continues to get worse. Praise Jesus that His was a message of love.
The imam at one of Baghdad's largest mosques urged more than a thousand listeners on Friday to wage a jihad, or religious war, against U.S. occupying forces in Iraq.

Speaking at Friday prayer services, Imam Mouaid Ubaidi denounced the Americans as "invaders" and "aggressors" and implicitly praised recent guerrilla attacks against U.S. soldiers as self-defense by people who are being "strangled."

"There are only two powers now in the world," the Sunni Muslim cleric said in an unusually bellicose sermon.

"One is America, which is tyrannical and oppressive. The other is a warrior who has not yet been awakened from his slumber, and that warrior is Islam."

Read the whole depressing story here.

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