Saturday, May 22, 2004


One year and 11 days (377 days) since CPT Patti left for Baghdad.

Sorry I wasn't here on Friday. I went down to Bavaria to mark 1ID's "100 Days of Deployment" with some friends. Perhaps I was invited to ensure they didn't get too deeply into a pity party...since I've seen the 100 day mark come and go three times, soon to be four.

They didn't.

But they did take me to a wonderful restaurant...and then to one lady's beautiful home where the Blue Margaritas were in bountiful supply.

And right in the middle of it all my darling wife called. She has purchased a cell phone from an Iraqi vendor. Our hope is this means we will be in contact more frequently than before. Anyway the crowd cheered when they could tell it was CPT Patti on the other end. That is how some of us are dealing with noting and celebrating the positives in the lives of others. thanks to Sarah for the invitation. And to Oda Mae and her husband for the engaging conversation (and the odd colored drinks), J (to whom it is just possible I might be distantly related) for hosting the after-dinner party, and E, most notably for seeing this deployment on her terms and setting an example to the rest.

But mostly to CPT Patti who knows I'm the odd "male spouse" surrounded by females and who doesn't bat an eye when I hang out with the majority. Make no mistake about it, I've earned the trust...that doesn't make me any less grateful that she has it.

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Frog Princess said...

It sounds like you have a wonderful marriage. My first marriage was a disaster and my ex was jealous of me and I of him, until I wasn't and started wishing he'd go find someone new. When I remarried seven years later, my Forever Man (we have been married 7 years next month!) didn't get jealous when I baited him. I asked, "Why aren't you jealous?" He said, "Because mature people don't need to be." I realised that with my ex, my jealousy had become part of a twisted way of showing affection. My life suddenly changed.

Tell us if you will, about what strengths you and the Good Captain have to make your marriage work, and why you aren't jealous and vise verse. You could be holding a light for couples who don't have your wisdome.