Tuesday, August 05, 2003

Kum & Go donated coolers, and Wal-Mart donated butter, salt, and pepper. Additional coolers and ice were donated by a number of other groups, as well as letters of support written for the troops.

As to the corn itself, it was donated by the Garst seed company.

There’s about 300 dozen, or 3,600 individual ears of corn being provided, said Lori Thomas, marketing manager for the Garst seed company.

“We picked a corn that’s super sweet. It’ll hold its sugar for a whole week. So, it should taste great when it gets to Baghdad, which will likely be on Thursday,” Thomas said.

Before getting to Baghdad, the corn will be transported by the Ruan truck until it reaches the Charleston air force base in South Carolina. Next, it will either go by air to Germany or straight to Baghdad. Quite a feat of cooperation, but most of all, a feat of caring.

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