Monday, July 12, 2004

AFTER 427 days...she's HOME!!!

Pictures and stories to follow gang...but today my real life beats the hell out of any online life!!


Anonymous said...

Hurray! Thanks CPT Patti.

Tammi said...

That's one heck of a way to start the week! The best news I could have seen - Welcome Home Cpt. Patti.

Thank you both for all you've done. I'm thinkin' that base one of the happiest spots on earth about now!

Toni said...

Congrats to both of you!! Have a great time which of course I'm sure you will. Life is good - again.

Anonymous said...

Ich freu mich ganz ganz ganz ganz doll für Sie beide!
Eine Ihnen unbekannte deutsche Frau, die viel auf Ihrer Seite mitgelesen und mitgebetet hat!

Anonymous said...

That's fantastic news! I've been following your blog for months, and I'm so happy for you. Thank you Patti, and I hope you both get some well-deserved time to relax now.

Quality Weenie said...


We were on vacation last week and saw on the news on the 4th of July that the 1AD were casing there colors. I yelled and said hey that means Cpt Patti will be coming home any day, yea for Tim.

Congrats Tim on having your wife back and Thanks Cpt Patti for all you have done.

***Dave said...

Congrats, and welcome home.


Welcome Home!!!

Thank you for all that you have done, Patti!

Bryan Strawser said...

Tim & Patti,

It's great that the two of you are back together - where you belong. I'm glad that Patti made it home safely.

Thanks for sharing the picture!

Anonymous said...

How wonderful! Thank you Cpt. Patti and Tim! You've both sacrificed so much for the rest of us. This is just the best news to begin the week.

-- Teresa

Anonymous said...

I can't express how happy I am for both of you. Congratulations...

And to Cpt. Patti: Thank you for your service.


SMASH said...

What, she didn't get lei'd?

Welcome home!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news! Welcome Home Cpt. Patti!!

scott said...

just fantastic news. i, too, have read your blog for months and i have rooted for you from afar. as a soldiers' angel, i have learned a little bit about caring for someone who lives with the constant fear of tragedy. this is such a happy ending. you two are very fortunate people and i wish you nothing but health and happiness for all eternity. scott holmes

Beth said...

If your Happy and you know it shout hooray.
If your Happy and you know it shout hooray.
If your Happy and you know then your face will surely show it, if your happy and you know it shout hooray. HOORAY!
Thank You Lord for bringing CPT Patti home to Tim safe and sound.
Thank you CPT Patti for your service, and sacrifice. Thank you Tim for being online when I was in despair and needed to hear some encouraging words to lift me up again.
Tim, lets see a picture of your happy face!.....Now get to the travel agent and book that getaway vacation. HOORAY!
God Bless you both...........

Anonymous said...

When my son was deployed to Iraq your's was the blog that led me to the blogs which provided much needed information. Since that time I've read your blog daily and want to say thanks for helping me to enlighten my own perspective. I just wanted you to know there have been many days that your posts brought tears to my eyes and made me realize just how fortunate I am in my own life. Congratulations on the safe return of your bride and may you be granted many years of love and happiness.

An Army Dad.

Pat said...

The above comments should mean so much to each of you.
All of us have prayed for all the days you were apart. Thank you dear Patti for all you did for your country
and each of us.Thank you Tim for helping us to see things as they really were and for your dedication.
May God continue to bless you.

Anonymous said...

Tim and Capt. Patti,

I'm doing my happy dance for you now!!! My BIG happy dance will come in another week or so when my soldier son gets home. Until then, I'm celebrating with you!!!

Thank you Capt. Patti for your dedication and sacrifices for the entire world. And thank you Tim for this wonderful website which has helped SO MANY of us!! You have no idea how much I looked forward to reading your posts each day. It made me feel a little less afraid for my son while he was deployed. You shared the good stories and successes that the media elite would not.

Enjoy your time together!! Go somewhere nice(not too hot, though...I think Patti has probably had enough heat to last a long time).


Cathy, Proud Army Mom

andrew said...

Welcome home Cpt Patti, you and your Division did a great job.

The only "bad" news is the blog readers who will miss Tim's wit, insighte and selection of articles. But guess we will make do. :-)

Rob said...

Welcome back, CPT Patti and:


Anonymous said...

Capt. Patti & Tim,

Welcome home! Thank you for your service.

Bruce C.
USN 67-71

Bill Faith said...

Welcome home. Thank you!

Bill F.
USAF 1970-1974
('Nam, '71-'72)

Anonymous said...

My most sincere congratulations! Take a well-derserved break from posting. I just hope you will continue to maintain the site.

My son should be headed to Baumholder anytime now. Our family couldn't wait until he completes the mandatory one-week reintegration and comes home to Illinois for the one-month block leave!

John, Dad of 1AD Soldier

Anonymous said...

Hallelujah!! Praise God! CPT. Patti is home safe!
Welcome home, Patti! You have my sincere gratitude for your brave and long service in Iraq!

Tim, I read several blogs daily, and I especially look forward to your blog. The information and articles you choose to address are always of interest to me. I appreciate your perspective, which I tend to agree with, but wouldn't have thought out for myself. Thank you for the time and effort you've spent on this valuable communication! I'm hoping you will continue, but realize you have a life to live with your sweet and dedicated wife.

I'm thrilled to know this is one of the happiest days in your lives!
Best Wishes to both of you!

Anonymous said...

Cpt. Patti... America welcomes you back home .We are grateful to you and your soldiers for serving our country with honor , pride and dedication .We salute you and your soldiers . Have a well deserved leave and Tim .. I know you are smiling and so happy now .God bless you both and again, THANKS for a job well done .
Florida Mom

Anonymous said...

Tim and Patti - I have been reading your blog for a few months. I am VERY HAPPY that you are home safely.

Thank you for serving our country. We are proud of you.

A friend of mine serving in the 2/3 made it home today too. I am very relieved.

All of us share in your joy and pride! Thank you and God bless.

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!

Welcome Home CPT Patti and many, many thanks for your service!

May God Bless and Keep you both, always....

Thoughts and Prayers,
Rob & Kelly E

Scott said...

Emily and I are dancing in the streets. We are so glad that you are home.


Tim. I am very happy for you. What you have done here is beyond words.

Glad you are together.

Subsunk said...

Tim and CPT Patti,

Please pass on the thanks of an extremely grateful nation to the men and women of "Old Ironsides". First Armored Division is first and foremost in the hearts and minds of Americans this month. We are intensely proud of how you fought this war, and how you conducted yourselves as representatives of the United States. Americans everywhere thrilled to the accounts of your exploits in the destruction of evil men who hide behind women and children and "holy sites" while firing wildly at our soldiers. Your courage, tenacity and extremely admirable restraint in the face of highly dishonorable and extremely intense enemy fire inspired all of us to carry on, even when times got bad.

As a former sailor, I experienced several deployments where we were extended from our original homecoming dates, although certainly none of my extensions were as long as yours. You and your families gritted your teeth and carried on in the finest fashion of military servicemen and families. "The Greatest Generation", those citizen soldiers who fought so gallantly and for so long in World War II, have seen a new standard of professionalism and performance from your service.

We are very proud of you, and will always tenderly remember and honor the monumental sacrifices you, your fallen comrades and your families made in defense of our country. We know you all "get it" when we say we believe you have exerted superhuman efforts to make our country safer and to rescue a downtrodden and oppressed people from utter tyranny. Your achievements amazed us and filled your country with inspiration and wonder. Never believe that your nation doubted the character of your service or listened to the disparaging articles in world newspapers and reports. You are our heroes, and we love you for it. Congratulations on a job well done.

Now, Welcome Home, rest your weary head and accept the most heartfelt thanks of the greatest nation in the world for the noblest and truest heroes of our time. God Bless you all, and keep you safe and free from harm and unhappiness in the days ahead.


Anonymous said...

WOW! Great news and congratulations to both of you. You both will never know how much your readers have appreciated your sacrifice and courage and we can never thank you enough. You have contributed to our safety and enriched our spirit. With God's help, I hope that you reap the rewards of your sacrifice and live a long and happy life. Thanks.

A simple American

mt said...

Thats great news, congratulations and welcome home CPT Patti.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home Ma'am!


Anonymous said...

A slightly belated though heartfelt welcome home.
Thank you, not just for your service but for being one of the faces and names I could put to my prayers and worries. In praying for and worrying about you and the other people serving whom I know through Blogs I've been praying for and worrying about all of you.
You can't see the tears of relief and gratitude but they're there, along with the tears for those who didn't make it back or who came back broken.
Enjoy your leave and please, no survival guilt.
Again, welcome home. Peter W. Davis, Wills point, Texas.

Anonymous said...

Just saw this on Citizen Smash - CONGRATULATIONS AND WELCOME HOME!!!!!!!!

And THANK YOU, both of you, for your sacrifices on our behalf.

***heads off to find tissues***

Amy said...

Woo hoo! Welcome home!