Saturday, December 27, 2003


Happy Holidays, everyone! I am astounded at God's great blessings that are so bountiful and rich. I arrived home via a stand-by seat on planes that safely left Baghdad and Kuwait (twice from Kuwait). Then, my incredibly wonderful husband greeted me with a goodies bag of my favorite coffee, beer, diet coke and carrots with ranch dressing. I chose to drink the coffee and munch on the carrots. Tim had dinner in the Crock Pot and I wanted to talk with him since we were both still awake. By 3 a.m., we were sitting at our dining room table with candles lit and a chicken dinner. I was really amazed at how it felt like we had just picked up from where we left off. It was a great relief.

I wondered if things might be strange because I had been gone for so long. Instead, everything is blissfully wonderful and even better than 8 months ago. Two things have changed for us, but all for the better. Tim has become extensively more intelligent about our world's political scene and wiser about our media's tactics. I have learned to be even more thankful for the basics of life than I ever was before.

Nine hours after our chicken dinner, I stood in our kitchen. Tim was making scrumptious scrambled eggs and bacon. I reached into our cupboard for a coffee cup and became overwhelmed with thankfulness at being able to choose from at least six different types of coffee cups. Living in Baghdad for the past eight months cannot be described as a picnic or walk in the park. However, the fact of life is we are American soldiers living in Baghdad and we made the most out of it, which was still many levels above the standard of living for the Iraqis. I could write more on my thoughts about this experience, but I only have today and tomorrow with Tim then I must go back to Baghdad and to my soldiers.

I wanted to post this on the website because I wanted to tell all of you, THANK YOU. My eyes become misty with tears from reading all the emails with your supporting and kind words. Thank you all very much and most of all thank you to my amazing and wonderful husband, Tim, I love you!

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